Join us on Sunday 9th June

9 am - 2:30 pm In Platinum HQ in Dublin


1)  Buy to Let - The basics
To kickstart your property training, you will explore the benefits of buy-to-lets and how they can support you with lifelong passive income

2) Sourcing a Buy-to-Let Property
We will support you with finding your goldmine area, the area you wish to start investing in, and all the key factors to consider before commencing your investment journey
3) Evaluating a Property Deal
We will teach you how to work out your cash flow and return on investment so you are confident when choosing potential investment properties. 

4)Running Live Deals
We will run your live property deals in a deal clinic set up

5) Funding your Investments
Learn how to fund your purchase, where to find funding, and what fund providers are looking for, as well as how your return on investment changes depending on your finance product

6) Property Viewings, Finding and Managing Tenants
Learn how to view a potential investment property and what to look out for. We will also touch on how to find tenants and ensure you are complying with important rules and regulations

7) Top Tips and Scaling Up,
You will learn our top tips and practical advice for scaling up, including how to manage your properties, basic tax and accounting principles, and basic refurbishment strategies, plus more!




How to avoid big bank deposits:

We will show you strategies, where you will not need big deposits to get onto the property ladder.

Creative strategies for Investing:

Let us teach you proven creative property investing strategies that work here in the Irish market. There are other options rather than the typical way of buying property and we will touch on these on the evening.

Setting up your exits:

The most important part of investing is covering yourself for the way out. This will depend on your chosen investing strategy and we will talk you through this.



Platinum Property provides Irish property mentoring by Irish Property Investors for people with no units, to single units to multi-family units – We open our strategies up to make you successful. We empower you to invest for lifetime living income, through multiple property strategies in the most tax-efficient structures. This is not a get rich quick mentoring academy – These DO NOT exist! Don’t let others tell you they do. We show you how to achieve property success in a conservative way where you won’t be subject to banks calling in loans should the economy waiver.

Platinum's CEO, Paul Green is a Construction Refurb Expert who holds multiple properties in his portfolio. His focus is on value-add in the purchase and Refurb process. He has spent many years on the property circle and is determined to improve the quality of Irish Property Training.

"Paul and the team are fantastic. Loads of knowledge, education and opportunities for anyone interested/involved in property, from beginners to experienced investors."

Gearóid Kelly

"Amazing Course , Paul is very passionate in what he does and he cares that people come away from the course with valuable knowledge , Platinum is a great network full of great and highly knowledgeable people , very grateful for the growth I’ve gained over the past couple of months"

Dylan Ryan